I am someone that woke up one day and decided that running would be a good idea

I am 32, have a hubby, three kids and work full time. Life is sure busy!

I grew up in Brazil and food was a huge part of my culture – I was never taught about healthy eating. I was never a small girl… I wasn’t big either but definitely never felt thin or healthy! I also never exercised in my life, life was way too sedentary for that (well, when you start working full time at 14 to pay for your own education – go to work all day and study at night, you don’t really have a lot of time to do anything else)

I got married and I had kids, moved to a different country – same story, weight went up. I also had thyroid cancer when I was 26.

I also had multiple attempts to lose weight – I tried WW, gym – but I was never disciplined enough to carry on with anything. Yes, I am easily distracted, specially if involves chocolate!

Moved countries again, and now once and for all, I want to sort this weight thing out for good

The first step was definitely the hardest… C25K definitely works! It’s hard, but it works!



I am now focusing on a paleo diet, because to me it makes sense and it works đŸ™‚


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