Easy and quick Stuffed Peppers

Easy and quick Stuffed Peppers

Another week started, another week bringing new opportunities to succeed.

Mondays are most definitely NOT my favorite day of the week, it’s a very busy day in my household. After working all day, I go home for a quick bite to eat and we usually go grocery shopping. I always try to squeeze a run afterwards too, but it did not happen last night.

We ended up having take-aways for dinner as hubby didn’t cook (cooking is my job, but on Mondays he does it to make my life easier). We went to this place called ‘Chilliz’, their menu is basically rice and chicken, not ideal but better than other options around.

We went to the supermarket – that is always an adventure because we usually take the kids too. But we were outta there quick enough, home in time for kids bed time.

I decided to make Stuffed Peppers to bring to work for lunch. I love Stuffed Peppers and never really had a go in making them.

So first thing I did when I got home from supermarket was to put some brown rice on the stove, so it would be cooked by the time I put the groceries away. While the rice was cooking, I de-seeded the capsicum: Cut the tops of it, take the seeds out and pop it in the oven to cook for a bit. If you have a microwave, cook it for 3-5 minutes

I bought a pre-mixed nut/seeds selection to make my life easier.

So here is my recipe, they turned out great!

– Whole capsicums
– Cooked brown rice (I cooked enough to stuff three peppers)
– Olive Oil – 1Tbsp
– Lemon Juice – 2 Tbsps
– Soy Sauce – 3 Tbsps
– Pre-mixed nut selection (or you can use almonds, cashews, sultanas, sunflower seeds, pine nuts etc)

That’s all I used on my stuffing but some people like to add feta cheese too. I guess you can add corn kernels, chopped up celery or tomatoes. Be creative!

When the rice is ready, mix all the ingredients through it.

Fill each capsicum with rice mixture

That’s it! It’s pretty nutritious, delicious and surprisingly easy to make!


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