Motivated and ready to go

I can finally say that my motivation is back, after a long holiday.

I never really stopped what I was doing – apart from when I went to New Zealand for three weeks over Christmas and New Year, as much as I tried to be health conscious, after the third day it all went out of the window, too many barbeques invitations and yummy dessert!

I got back home on January 4th, and let me tell you, I have been in Struggleville since.

But you know what? Since coming back, I never gave up. After falling off the wagon, I climbed it back on straight away. I never stopped running, even though I was only running twice and maybe three times a week. I pushed myself through the lack of motivation.

Motivation is a tricky thing, you know. I quote Michelle Bridges when I say ‘Motivation is like a bad boyfriend, is never there when you need it!’ This is so true. If I ever rely on my motivation to take me places, forget about it. I do not wake up everyday feeling energized and ready to smash it. Some days I feel like I HAVE to eat chocolate, some days I am way too tired so I don’t really feel like running. You just have to push through it, not even start thinking about the reasons why you have the excuse not to exercise, or you had a rough day so you ‘deserve’ chocolate.

But I know when you are actually motivated, things do become easier.

What I do to get motivated/excited?

  • Read blogs/articles that give me inspiration. We live in an era when things are so easy, you can easily create a circle of things to keep you motivated. There are thousands of awesome ladies out there in the same journey, a lot of awesome success stories (I love those!) There are normal people, just like you and me and they have a lot to offer when it comes to support and motivation!
  • Join My Fitness Pal or Sparkpeople . I use both for different reasons. I like the food tracker better at My Fitness Pal but Sparkpeople has a lot of awesome resources to keep you going!
  • Look for tasty food that you love, it will keep you interested in what you are eating, so you dont feel like you are depriving yourself. Or if you are like me, lacking time for really elaborate meals, simple meals are always good.
  • Find an exercise buddy. Sometimes my friend being there is the only thing that keeps me going while running
  • Don’t give up! If you are having a bad day, too tired to work out, think about where you want to get. Get back on the wagon straight away and don’t beat yourself up for falling off it. I can guarantee you that 99% of people out there who lost weight, didn’t have it perfect all the time!

Motivation comes and goes. The secret to weight loss is CONSISTENCY, whether you feel like it or not

I hope you find this helpful



Researching an eating plan…

I am excited!

At we speak, I am researching an eating plan that might work for me

But what I am most excited about, is that hubby is also going to eat the same as me as he is trying to put on muscle/lose fat. I think the fact that we are going to do this together will help me enormously with discipline (especially over the weekend, ugh)

I am also seriously thinking of joining the gym as I want to start toning. Running is great but I need something more. I need to give this 100%, because the 60-70% I am giving now is not cutting it anymore. Weightloss very much stalled since the new year, I do really well during the week, comes the weekend – it’s not like I eat everything I see in huge amounts… but I certainly have the slack approach, and the weekends are undoing whatever I achieve during the week. The lack of routine is not helpful at all.  Anyone else have that problem?

I am not sure if anyone reads my blog at all, but maybe if you are reading and have a good eating plan, would you mind sharing it?

A bad run… well, not so much after all

Wednesday was a hot day. I am talking 41C hot. So hot you can’t even breath properly. I was hoping it was going to cool down a little bit by the time I had to meet my friend for our run. We are just about to finish C25K – week 8, day 3! A non-stop 30 minutes run… who would have thought we would get where we are now when we first took that hard first step? Very exciting!


Running for me as I mentioned before is a VERY mental game. I am still very much a beginner runner, and I do struggle sometimes. Let’s say my fitness levels are not what I want them to be yet, but I am getting there.

So my friend was coming to meet me at 7.30pm for our run. We just go across the road from my place as I am lucky enough to live by an exercise track. 7.30pm came and I checked the outside temperature, it was still 38C. My goodness, this run was going to be a challenge and I embraced it. With heart monitor strapped to my chest, all running apps on (Nike Running and C25K) we started our 5 minute walk warm-up. By the end of it when my phone beeped indicating we had to start running, I was already dying. It was too hot, my mouth was dry. But we started to run.

We only go up and down the road, from the roundabout to the pole at the other end of the exercise path and back. It’s just over 1km each way, maybe 1.2kms. So by calculations, since we did 4.6kms last time, it means we have to go up and down the road 3.5 times. It actually sucks to know how many times it takes to complete our exercise, because when you are having a bad run, you know how far you still have to go until it ends.

I tried to disengage myself from the fact that I was struggling big time. I tried to distract myself with random thoughts, talking to my friend (even though its kinda hard to do that because we are huffing and puffing big time) but in the end, I couldn’t get myself distracted enough. So I pushed myself to my limit. By then I was so dry and thirsty I had no saliva left. It was the first time in ages I actually had to take a few steps in between running, because I couldn’t do it anymore. I was wondering the whole time why the heck this run was such a bad run, especially after Monday when I felt on top of the world and didn’t struggle at all. When it came to the last minute, I had spent all my energy.

We finished the run but I did not feel really satisfied with it. In my eyes, because I had taken a few steps (or more than a few), the whole run was a fail. We got back home to a welcomed chair and very icy water. Sweat was dripping from places I never thought possible to sweat from. Then I looked at my HRM and I had burned 150 calories more than my usual run. Ahh, that explained why I was so buggered. My body was obviously working extra had, and I felt it big time. I have to say that after that little information was revealed, I was pretty pleased. I obviously had done enough for the night! And by then I was definitely ready for bed

The Train Chronicles

I have decided to make every Wednesday ‘The Train Chronicles’ day

I have started catching the train to work and back and believe it or not, a lot can happen during my short 20 minute train commute. So much so, that I have decided to share those funny little stories. But first, let me talk about something important:


Common sense is a gift not everyone possess. Yes, my friends, some people do not have a radar to decide what is appropriate or not while using public transport. Things that I thought were pretty rude or obnoxious are obviously fine for other people. Some other things are funny, and some things leave you with a ‘what the!!??’ expression. I know this is about catching the train, but it made me think about how a person defines what is acceptable public behaviour or not. It’s actually a good environment to study human behaviour.

I have actually spent time creating a list of what acceptable behaviour on a public transport is. Of course, this is my opinion only (as this is my blog and all…), but I do believe that these little rules are not hard to follow and contribute for the greater good of all fellow commuter.

Before I start the list, I just need to say that I catch the train during peak hour, there is no such thing as personal space…. Here we go

• When getting in the train, do not congregate at the door – the train has a lot of space, but people tend to want to hang out by the door (not sure why??), making it impossible for new people to actually get in the train. So MOVE AWAY from the doors when you hop in.
• Please dress appropriately. By appropriately I mean wear a shirt. Bikinis are not clothes. They are bathers, if you are not a the beach, it’s like you are wearing underwear. Please don’t think it’s ok to wear a bikini in a full train just because you have been to the beach hours ago. There is something called a ‘backpack’ where you can actually carry things, even clothes, with you wherever you go. See, problem solved! And boys please, again I repeat, wear a SHIRT too. As there is no such thing as personal space, we really don’t want to be touching your bare chest during the ride. Really.
• Please do not make phone calls in the train. We barely have space to move and it can hear the whole conversation (because we are in very close proximity, we can even hear what the person at the other end is saying) I do not want to know how you got drunk last weekend, or how your boyfriend is so hot. Please spare me of the details of your personal life. I really don’t want to know.
• If you are in the train with friends during peak hour, please don’t be loud and say things that only you (and your friends) think is funny. Especially if you are making fun of the fact that we are all stuck in this stupid full train, pretending it’s the most normal thing in the world. Chances are, the whole train thinks you are an idiot. And you are.
• Turn your music down. I know you are wearing earphones or whatever, but I can still hear what you are listening to. If I wanted to listen to it too, I would ask you. Because every second person who catches the train is listening to music, the train ride becomes a symphony of different types of music being played at the same time.
• Please chose a spot and stare at it the whole way. Periodically change your spot and keep staring at it. Avoid eye contact with strangers, because let’s face it, we are all fed up of being nudged and pushed, we just want to get home!
• And lastly, when the train stops at a train station and you are inside the train standing at the door, please move out of the way so people can get out quickly and give us some more room. Do not stand at the door while people try to push their way out. The train driver gives everyone enough time to get out (and in again), you can make life so much easier by letting people get out without difficulty

I am sure as I commute, more rules will be added to the list

Stay tuned for next Wednesday as I will share more about my train rides


As in other news, I started a ‘boxercise’ class last Thursday. It’s a circuit training based on boxing moves. It kicked my ass big time, I was not able to sit down and get up for three days because of DOMS. But I did enjoy it

Running is going great! I was very excited on Monday as I had the best run ever. 28 minutes of running and I actually did not feel like I was going to die. I am definitely improving and I am so happy with my progress. But I definitely have a lot to improve with my eating. I am very much a work in progress – I will get there eventually